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Film title: The Return of Superfly
Language: English
Plot: This is a sequel to the movie, Superfly. In it Nathan Purdee is now playing the role of Priest who was played by Ron O'Neal in the previous movie. In it Eddie, Priest's old partner, was killed. Now Priest who has been living in France and who is no longer a drug dealer, visits. And he sets to find the ones who killed Eddie, and to g

The Return of Superfly Series
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The Return of Superfly Cast & Crew

Nathan Purdee
as Superfly / Priest
Margaret Avery
as Francine
Christopher Curry
as Tom Perkins
Carlos Carrasco
as Hector
Samuel L. Jackson
as Nate Cabot
Kirk Taylor
as Renaldo
David Groh
as Inspector Wolinski
John Gabriel
as Sarge Joyner
Tico Wells
as Willy Green
Patrice Ablack
as Irene Gates
Arnie Mazer
as Marty Ryan
Eric Payne
as Security Guard
Ruthanna Graves
as Jasmine Jackson