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Film title: The Return of the Soldier
Language: English
Plot: Kitty Baldry (Julie Chirstie) is a haughty society queen with a tunneled view of life. Kitty's complacency is rocked when her husband, Captain Chris Baldry (Alan Bates), returns from the front during the First World War shell-shocked and suffering amnesia, not knowing who she is and determined for a reunion with Margaret Grey (Glenda Jackson), a working class lover from his past. Kitty employs psychiatrist Dr. Gilbert Anderson (Ian Holm), to help unscramble her husband's feelings for the women in his new disoriented life including his all-too caring cousin Jenny (Ann-Margret), but ultimately comes to realize that the man she knew is unreachable, as dead as the past he pines for.

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The Return of the Soldier Cast & Crew

Julie Christie
as Kitty Baldry
Glenda Jackson
as Margaret Grey
as Jenny Baldry
Alan Bates
as Chris Baldry
Ian Holm
as Doctor Anderson
Frank Finlay
as William Grey
Jeremy Kemp
as Frank
Hilary Mason
as Ward
John Sharp
as Pearson
Patsy Byrne
as Mrs. Plummer
Amanda Grinling
as Alexandra
Edward de Souza
as Edward
Michael Cochrane
as Stephen