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Film title: The Righteous Thief
Language: Korean
Plot: Hong Mu-Hyeok is a quiet high school music teacher with a secret. His family descends from the notorious Hong Gil-Dong, a Robin Hood styled thief. He has targeted Lee Jeong-Min, a ruthless businessman, for destruction. A newly appointed Special Prosecutor is sworn to destroy both. And the new prosecutor is his fiance's broth

The Righteous Thief Series
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The Righteous Thief Cast & Crew

Kim Do-Young
as Hyo-Jung
Kim Joo Hyuk
as Team Leader Jeong
Ki-beom Jang
as Hong Chan-Hyeok
Hie-bong Jo
as Park
Ja-ok Kim
as Seok Myeong-Ae
Eun-mi Ko
as Choi Su-Young
Si-young Lee
as Song Hyeon-Hwa
In-hwan Park
as Hong Man-Seok
Dong-il Song
as Song Jae-Pil
Ryoo Ui-Hyun
as Hong Mu-Hyeok