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Film title: The Rise of the Bricks
Language: English
Plot: A brutal of the band members (Ciaran) is tortured for not obeying the evil conspirators. We then cut to the beginning of the film and meet the band one by one, though we don't know the significance of the earlier carnage. Through a series of comedic mishaps, we get to know the band members and learn that they are all, to differing degrees and by different means, very stupid and often quite annoying. They go for an interview with a record company which Ciaran messes up. They are later called back for another interview, which is odd since they were forcibly ejected the first time. The second interview is given by a different man, Goodbar, who tolerates absolutely anything they say or do. He asks them to play a live performance for his boss so that he can sign them. Before they can play live, we are shown a secret meeting of the executives of the rival company including Goodbar. Their plan is laid out for us - to bankrupt their rivals by making them sign this god-awful band.

The Rise of the Bricks Series
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The Rise of the Bricks Cast & Crew

Gail Brady
as News reporter
Ben Keenan
as Steven
Megan Keenan
as Rebecca
Megan Keenan
as Rebecca
Peter Keenan
as Dennis' Father
Eoin Macken
as Dennis
John Mckone
as Ciaran's Father
Ciaran McNamee
as Ciaran
Martin Mitchell
as Lar - Fire Breather
Elaine Reddy
as Dennis' Mother