The Saint

The Saint Series
Genre: Action
Premiere: 1968 - 1969
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Sessons: 6
Full Episodes: 21
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The Saint was an ITC mystery spy thriller television series that aired in the UK on ITV between 1962 and 1969. It centred on the Leslie Charteris literary character Simon Templar, played by Roger Moore as a suave and sophisticated Robin Hood-like adventurer. The character may be nicknamed The Saint because the initial letters of his name are also an abbreviation for the word saint. When taking on an American persona, he would often use the name Sebastian Tombs. As a result of the strong performance in the US of the first two black-and-white series in first-run syndication, NBC picked up the show as a summer replacement in its evening schedule in 1966. The programme therefore ended its run with both trans-Atlantic prime time scheduling and colour episodes. It also proved popular beyond the UK and US, eventually airing in over 60 countries, and made a profit in excess of £350m for ITC. With almost 120 episodes, the programme is exceeded only by The Avengers as the most productive show of its genre produced in the UK.
The Saint S06E21 A beautiful blonde gets the Saint into trouble at a crooked auto race.
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Date Aired The Saint Episodes
Season 6
Season 6, Episode 1: The Gadic Collection
Season 6
Season 6, Episode 2: The Best Laid Schemes
Season 6
Season 6, Episode 3: Invitation to Danger
Season 6
Season 6, Episode 4: Legacy for the Saint
Season 6
Season 6, Episode 5: The Desperate Diplomat
Season 6
Season 6, Episode 6: The Organisation Man
Season 6, Episode 7: The Double Take
Season 6, Episode 8: The Time to Die
Season 6, Episode 9: The Master Plan
Season 6, Episode 10: The House on Dragon's Rock
Season 6, Episode 11: The Scales of Justice
Season 6, Episode 12: The Fiction-Makers (1)
Season 6, Episode 13: The Fiction-Makers (2)
Season 6, Episode 14: The People Importers
Season 6, Episode 15: Where the Money Is
Season 6, Episode 16: Vendetta for the Saint (1)
Season 6, Episode 17: Vendetta for the Saint (2)
Season 6, Episode 18: The Ex-King of Diamonds
Season 6, Episode 19: The Man Who Gambled with Life
Season 6, Episode 20: Portrait of Brenda
Season 6, Episode 21: The World Beater