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Film title: The Scottish Tale
Language: English
Plot: Mack is a humble poet who goes to Scotland to visit his three eccentric aunts. He expects them to simply greet him, but they tell him that he must marry Beth, the daughter of a rich lawyer. However, despite what Mack wants, Mack's brother Ian is marrying Beth, and so he must attend his brother's wedding. In order to persuade Mack to marry, the aunts prophecize certain strange events that would supposedly delay the wedding so that they could be married. Mack tries to stop them in order to show support for his brother, but it turns out that he never had to bother. For there are other secrets involved in the two families that delay the wedding anyway, and give enough time for the truth to be revealed about the love in the forthcoming wedding

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The Scottish Tale Cast & Crew

Joe Polhemus
as Mack
Ann Boehlke
as Beth
Sandy Kenyon
as Arthur Golding
Marcia Rodd
as Sarah
Jack Betts
as Syd
Joe Myles
as Sterling
Garrett Clancy
as Richard
Susan Dalian
as Ginny