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Film title: The Secret Rapture
Language: English
Plot: Katherine is a basically miserable and mentally unstable woman who is married to even-aged Isobel's father, who is the only one willing to give Katherine the unconditional love that she craves lest her inner chaos should wholly consume her. For any kind of peace of mind, she is consequently entirely dependent on him. As, however, her husband dies (of natural causes), Katherine quite instinctively transfers her primal need for all-encompassing care to his daughter, Isobel. As this is a serious intrusion upon her and her boyfriend's private life, Isobel rejects Katherine - at first. She soon realizes that Katherine needs her attention more than her boyfriend, whom she then opts to leave, to go and live with Katherine in her father's countryside cottage. The last scenes of the movie, not to be revealed here, raises the question of who, after all, were the more needful of Isobel's lov

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The Secret Rapture Cast & Crew

Juliet Stevenson
as Isobel Coleridge
Joanne Whalley
as Katherine Coleridge
Penelope Wilton
as Marion French
Neil Pearson
as Patrick Steadman
Alan Howard
as Tom French
Robert Stephens
as Max Lopert
Hilton McRae
as Norman
Richard Long
as 3rd Businessman
Finty Williams
as Greta
Saira Todd
as Kiki
Julia Lane
as June Allardyce
Philip Voss
as Civil Servant
Diane Fletcher
as Day Nurse
Janet Steel
as Night Nurse