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Film title: The Sender
Language: English
Plot: In 1965, an American fighter squadron encountered a spaceship while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. After getting into a brief dogfight with it, one of the fighters is shot down, and the others agree to keep what they've seen a secret. Years later, the downed aircraft is recovered, and the son of the missing pilot insists on seeing it. Soon, strange ocurrences start happening around the son and his family. Could there be any connection with what his father witnessed?

The Sender  Series
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The Sender Cast & Crew

Michael Madsen
as Dallas Grayson
R. Lee Ermey
as Colonel Rosewater
Robert Vaughn
as Ron Fairfax
Dyan Cannon
as Gina Fairfax
Steven Williams
as Lockwood
Shelli Lether
as Angel
Brian Bloom
as Jack Grayson
Josh Clark
as Barry Stoop
Erica Everage
as Lisa Grayson
Carlos Lauchu
as Lab Technican
Arminae Austen
as Castille
Richard Kuhlman
as Sergeant York
Ramsey Krull
as Young Dallas