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Film title: The Silence of the Hams
Language: English
Plot: A rookie FBI agent, Jo Dee Foster (Billy Zane), has been assigned to work on the case of the Psycho Killer, a killer who has killed over 120 people. But to find out more about the Psycho Killer, Jo is forced to meet Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza (Dom DeLuise), a famous doctor turned cannibal who ate pizzas with human body parts. Meanwhile, Jo's girlfriend, Jane Wine (Charlene Tilton), has just stolen $400,000 in cash from her money-hungry boss, Mr. Laurel (Rip Taylor), so she and Jo can be happy, but gets lost in a really horrible storm, caused mostly by a special effects crew behind her car, and stops at the Cemetery Motel, where the owner, Antonio Motel (Ezio Greggio), is dominated by his insane mother ('Shelly Winters').

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The Silence of the Hams Cast & Crew

Ezio Greggio
as Antonio Motel
Dom DeLuise
as Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza
Billy Zane
as Jo Dee Fostar
Joanna Pacula
as Lily Wine
Charlene Tilton
as Jane Wine
Martin Balsam
as Det. Martin Balsam
Stuart Pankin
as Insp. Pete Putrid
John Astin
as The Ranger
Phyllis Diller
as Old Secretary
Bubba Smith
as Olaf
Larry Storch
as Sergeant
Rip Taylor
as Mr. Laurel
Shelley Winters
as Mrs. Motel
Nedra Volz
as Ranger's Wife
Andre Rosey Brown
as Motorcycle Cop