Watch The Six Wives of Henry VIII Online

Watch The Six Wives of Henry VIII Online
Film title: The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Language: English
Plot: This historical drama recounts lusty monarch King Henry VIII's reign -- and the sometimes-bloody splits from his unlucky wives. His brother's inherited widow is the first in a succession of six women he would marry before his ultimate demise.

The Six Wives of Henry VIII Cast & Crew

Keith Michell
as Henry VIII
Patrick Troughton
as Duke of Norfolk
Bernard Hepton
as Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
Sheila Burrell
as Lady Rochford
Basil Dignam
as Bishop Gardiner
Wolfe Morris
as Thomas Cromwell
Angela Pleasence
as Catherine Howard
Anne Stallybrass
as Jane Seymour
Dorothy Tutin
as Anne Boleyn
Daniel Moynihan
as Edward Seymour (Lord Hertford)
John Ronane
as Thomas Seymour
Howard Goorney
as Will Somers
Patrick Godfrey
as Sir Thomas Wriothesley
Alison Frazer
as Princess Mary
Edward Atienza
as Eustache Chapuys