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Film title: The Somnambulist
Language: English
Plot: A young women suffering memory loss and psychological issues after surviving a brutal attack , tries to piece together the clues surrounding her attack and its similarities to a series of recent murders. During the investigation, she struggles to maintain her sanity as her world gets more surreal and reality starts to unwind around her. Following the clues that lead her down the "rabbit hole" she finds herself fighting to wake up from this nightmare...before she becomes the next victim.

The Somnambulist Series
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The Somnambulist Cast & Crew

Edward Furlong
as Frank
Heather McComb
as Rebekah
Gbenga Akinnagbe
as Alex Chandler
Lorena Rincon
as Kathleen
Hazel D'Jan
as Liza
Kate Nauta
as Nurse Mary
Sandra Algood
as Nurse Sandra
Lyle Brocato
as Robbie
Leanne Cochran
as Dark Haired Girl
Joel Davis
as Police Officer
Stacey England
as Amanda
Nick Gomez
as Therapist
Douglas M. Griffin
as Policeman
Tyler Humphrey
as Chase