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Film title: The Sound of the Spirit
Language: English
Plot: Beautiful and precocious Rivka is a twelve-year-old Jewish girl who believes in Jesus. She and her father attend a Messianic Jewish congregation in their community. But when her father suddenly dies, Rivka's life changes forever. She ends up moving in with her traditional Jewish relatives and attending their synagogue. From her stormy relationship with her uncle, to a meeting with the synagogue's senior rabbi, to the attention of the cutest boy in the synagogue, Rivka learns life lessons that stir her faith to new levels, touching the hearts of those whose lives she has reluctantly impacted. "The Sound of the Spirit" is the never-before-told story of a young girl caught in the crossfire of strong feelings between two faith communities. It's told with humor, compassion, and grace.

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The Sound of the Spirit Cast & Crew

Anna Lasbury
as Margolis - Rivka
Rob Weidenfeld
as Sidney
Faith Yesner
as Jackie
Lina Willard
as Rhena
Rob Deas
as Margolis, Marty
Matt Hodges
as Nicky Blavitz
Jim Dougherty
as Posner, Eric
Craig LaFuse
as Kahn, Rabbi
Russell Dewitt
as Cohen, Yosi
Bob McGuire
as Stein, Rabbi
Stan Solomon
as Shuster
Glenna Reinhardt
as Secretary
R. Anderson White
as Mr. Blavitz
Christine Filutze
as Sarah's Mother