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Film title: The Ten Bells
Language: English
Plot: The film begins in 1888 London. A young hardworking doctor, Jonathan Barrett, has just had his heart ripped to pieces by his beautiful young lover, Ellen Murphy, now pregnant by him, but off to marry another man, Sebastian Kendall. This news triggers a psychotic snap in Jonathan. Meanwhile, Ellen keeps her pregnancy a secret from Sebastian until after their wedding, and ultimately leads him to believe the child is his own. The child is soon born, and Ellen names him Jack, secretly honoring his true biological father, Jonathan. Many years later on Halloween, Jack's daughter, Eve Kendall (now a beautiful elderly woman), hosts a tea party at her charming Connecticut home. She tells her guests the terrifying account of her life as a teen caught up in a copycat serial killing. The guests are enraptured as Eve unfolds her chilling tale.

The Ten Bells Series
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The Ten Bells Cast & Crew

Dominique Swain
as Rose Kendall
Tony Bonner
as Sebastian Kendall
Kate Marie Davies
as Elizabeth
Sabrina Dickens
as Ellen Murphy
Tony London
as Peter Barrington