Watch The Time Machine Online

Watch The Time Machine Online
Film title: The Time Machine
Rotten Tomatoes: 77%
Language: English
Plot: Based on the classic novel by H.G. Wells, this sci-fi adventure stars Guy Pearce as Alexander Hartdegen, a scientist and inventor who's determined to prove to a doubtful world that time travel is actually possible. In the 1890s, he builds a time machine that sends him progressively farther into the future -- eventually hurtling him 800,000 years from now to a strange time in which mankind has divided into two races: the hunters and the hunted.

The Time Machine Cast & Crew

Guy Pearce
as Alexander Hartdegen
Phyllida Law
as Mrs. Watchit
Laura Kirk
as Flower Seller
Josh Stamberg
as Motorist
John W. Momrow
as Fifth Avenue Carriage Driver
Max Baker
as Robber
Jeffrey M. Meyer
as Central Park Carriage Driver
Jeremy Irons
as Über-Morlock
Alan Young
as Flower Store Worker
Myndy Crist
as Jogger
Connie Ray
as Teacher