The Tom Green Show

The Tom Green Show Series
Genre: Comedy
Premiere: 1999
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Sessons: 4
Full Episodes: 4
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Tom Green is a comedian who likes to go around and pull pranks on everybody. Among his most famous is putting a cowhead in his parent's bed, suckling a cow's udder, throwing plastic babies onto cars...etc. The show is half talk show and half documentary.
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Date Aired The Tom Green Show Episodes
Season 1
14 February 2000 Season 1, Episode 1: Tom Brings Monica Lewinsky to Canada
Season 2
1999 Season 2, Episode 5: Tom Meets Will Ferrell
Season 3
12 April 1999 Season 3, Episode 3: Tom, Don't Quit Your Day Job...
Season 4
2000 Season 4, Episode 14: Tom Green's Cancer Special