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Film title: The Tower
Language: English
Plot: A long abandoned tower rots above a city in turmoil. Stripped of all electrical wiring and inhabitants, the structure is lifeless. Yet in the darkness of night, an ominous glow illuminates the State tower's penthouse. Doug, driven by a burning obsession to discover the cause of the glow mysteriously vanishes. Lucy is utterly alone without her brother. An investigation into his whereabouts leads her to his apartment. There she discovers Doug's obsession with the building's violent history. That night, Lucy experiences a waking dream that convinces her Doug is trapped inside. In order to save her brother, Lucy embarks on a journey into the tower. Inside she confronts the darkest regions of her consciousness to discover the mystery of the tower and all those whom it has consumed.

The Tower Series
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The Tower Cast & Crew

Garrett Clayton
as Zombie
Jake Forshee
as Man-E-Faces
Jack Kraepel
as Boy in field
Joe McEachran
as Flyerman
Blair McGowan
as Priest of Doom
Ben Morris
as Lightman
Steve Naughton
as Aidan
Norm Roth
as Thomas Mason
Lon Strickland
as Blind Gatekeeper
Kevin Ward
as Dr. Phil Zombie