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Film title: The Trace
Language: English
Plot: The story of the consequences when you mix business with pleasure. When love, betrayal and business collide it produces tension soaked drama and possible catastrophe. Stanley who is a member of a gang falls in love with Lily, a girl with a rich father. Stanley's gang now demands that Stanley sets up Lily's father for them to scam, Stanley doesn't want that because he is in love with Lily and all hell breaks loose. THE TRACE, is a dramatic film infused with comedy that will keep the audience entertained and glued to their seats to the very last second.

The Trace Series
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The Trace Cast & Crew

Jill Jordan
as Waitress #1
Tee Jay Mixson
as Paramedic #2
Alyssa Marie Hutchinson
as Baby Stacey
Sewell Whitney
as Mr. Stevens
Liana Mendoza
as Nurse