Watch The Uninvited Online

Watch The Uninvited Online
Film title: The Uninvited
Language: English
Plot: Committed to a mental hospital after her mother's tragic death, grieving teenager Anna (Emily Browning) discovers upon her release that her father (David Strathairn) plans to marry his deceased wife's former nurse (Elizabeth Banks), a woman who might not have the best intentions. But foreboding warnings from her mother's ghost only cement Anna's suspicions in this remake of the 2003 Korean chiller Janghwa, Hongryeon.

The Uninvited Cast & Crew

Elizabeth Banks
as Rachel
Maya Massar
as Mom
Kevin McNulty
as Sheriff Emery
Jesse Moss
as Matthew Hendricks
Dean Paul Gibson
as Dr. Silberling
Don S. Davis
as Mr. Henson
Lex Burnham
as Iris
Danny Bristol
as Samuel
Heather Doerksen
as Mildred Kemp
Alf Humphreys
as Priest
Ryan Cowie
as Orderly #1