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Film title: The Usual Children
Language: English
Plot: The night before Christmas, dad has to stop his two excited children from fighting. But Scoop hates his sister Hela and wishes her dead. Everything they say and do comes true in an unreal parallel world. Hela decides to become a Ghost and haunt Scoop even more. Scoops world without rules soon starts to fall apart and he soon finds he needs both rules and h

The Usual Children Series
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The Usual Children Cast & Crew

Graham Cole
as Dad / Mustdad
Jean Heard
as Mum / Mystic
Laura Aikman
as Hela
Amy Clarkson
as Geraldine
David Tozer
as Solid
Jazzer Jeyes
as Matey
Phil Keena
as Dros
Martin Clarkson
as The King
Donna Flinn
as Mad Woman
Daniel Naprous
as The Older Prince
Sam Clarkson
as The Young Prince
Mark Sugden
as The White Knight