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The Wanted Series
Premiere: 2009
Network: NBC
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 2
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On Monday, July 20, join NBC News for a groundbreaking television event when it sets forth on an international hunt for an accused terrorist with "The Wanted" at 10 PM ET. "The Wanted" brings together an elite team with backgrounds in intelligence, unconventional warfare and investigative journalism. The show focuses on real operators, in search of real targets -- all in an effort to see individuals brought to justice. (Source: NBC)
The Wanted S01E02
Last Episode, 27 Jul 2009: Season 1, Episode 2: Episode 2
The hunt for Mamoun Darkazanli, known as Osama bin Laden's financier, leads counterterrorism experts to Germany.
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Season 1
20 Jul 2009 Season 1, Episode 1: Premiere
27 Jul 2009 Season 1, Episode 2: Episode 2