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Film title: The War on the War on Drugs
Language: English
Plot: Comprised of over 60 independent short scenes shot in a wide variety of cinematic styles, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS parodies drug war propaganda and those who insist we fight the drug war at any cost.

The War on the War on Drugs Series
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The War on the War on Drugs Cast & Crew

Tara Platt
as Leader Tara / Agnes / Anime Girl / Norma / Sara / Isabelle
Yuri Lowenthal
as John, Biff, Glenn, Henry, Ted, Zombie, Judge Knott
Joseph Greene
as Professor Science, Victim, V.O. Still, Man at Urinal, Drug Czar
Brett Colby
as Mugger, Hitler, Brahma, Garuda, Ken Carumen, Narrator, Police Detective, Paco
Kenny Wade Marshall
as Kali, Officer Hummler, God, Sissy Boy, Cold Sufferer
Susie Schwartz
as Shroomie, Tennis Player #1, Lackey, Repulsed Girl
Dan Kornfeld
as Cop, Nixon, Senor Syringe, Chemist, Mark McGuire, Bob Marley, Officer Mengela, Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon, Orin, Narrator, Thug #1, Football Brawler, P
Darren Fouse
as Businessman, Dr. Burke
Carrie Keranen
as Carrie, Businesswoman
Kevin Mulhern
as Narrator, Football Fan, Man in Line
Cevin D. Soling
as Narrator, Nimbus the Elder, Ticketing Officer, Frogman, Dr. Death, Director, Good Puppeteer
Krissy Berla
as Nurse Betty
Mark Boyland
as Father
Emily Burns
as Girl
Christine Caffrey
as Joan, Betty