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Film title: The Whoopee Boys
Language: English
Plot: Two dim-wited street pedlers, Jack and Barney, arrive in Palm Beach, Florida looking for a better and wealthy lifestyle when Jack falls for Olivia, a young heiress running a shelter for orphaned children which is threatened with forclosure. Jack, at Barney's insistance, enrolls both of them at a finishing school to learn the edicate of the upper classes in order to fit in and hope Oliva's uncle will approve of Jack wanting to marry her and help her obtain an inheretence to save the orphanage.

The Whoopee Boys Series
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The Whoopee Boys Cast & Crew

Michael O'Keefe
as Jake Bateman
Paul Rodriguez
as Barney Benar
Denholm Elliott
as Col. Phelps
Carole Shelley
as Henrietta Phelps
Eddie Deezen
as Eddie Lipschultz
Marsha Warfield
as Officer White
Elizabeth Arlen
as Shelley
Karen A. Smythe
as Clorinda Antonucci
Joe Spinell
as Guido Antonucci
Robert Gwaltney
as Humping the Butler
Lucinda Jenney
as Olivia
Dan O'Herlihy
as Judge Sternhill
Stephen Davies
as Strobe
Taylor Negron
as Whitey