Watch The Winds of War Online

Watch The Winds of War Online
Film title: The Winds of War
Language: English
Plot: Robert Mitchum heads an all-star cast in this miniseries based on Herman Wouk's acclaimed World War II novel focusing on two families' experiences. Their personal dramas are interwoven with historic events and supported by documentary segments.

The Winds of War Cast & Crew

Robert Mitchum
as Victor 'Pug' Henry
Ali MacGraw
as Natalie Jastrow
Jan-Michael Vincent
as Byron Henry
John Houseman
as Aaron Jastrow
Polly Bergen
as Rhoda Henry
Lisa Eilbacher
as Madeline Henry
David Dukes
as Leslie Slote
as Berel Jastrow
Ben Murphy
as Warren Henry
Peter Graves
as Palmer 'Fred' Kirby
Jeremy Kemp
as Brigadier General Armin Von Roon
Ralph Bellamy
as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Victoria Tennant
as Pamela Tudsbury
Wolfgang Preiss
as Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch
Günter Meisner
as Adolf Hitler
Reinhard Kolldehoff
as Hermann Goering
Werner Kreindl
as Colonel General Franz Halder
Rainer Penkert
as Grand Admiral Erich Raeder
Alexander Kerst
as Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel
Joachim Hansen
as Field Marshal Alfred Jodl
Howard Lang
as Winston Churchill
Anton Diffring
as Joachim von Ribbentrop
Timothy Stack
as Yeoman Ryan
Barry Morse
as Wolf Stoller
Michael Logan
as Alistair Tudsbury
John Carter
as Colonel William Forrest
Tom McFadden
as Hugh Cleveland
Roy Poole
as Harry Hopkins
Deborah Winters
as Janice Lacouture Henry
Joseph Hacker
as Lt. Carter 'Lady' Aster
Edmund Purdom
as Luigi Gianelli
Lawrence Pressman
as Bunky Thurston
Lin McCarthy
as Blinker Vance
Enzo G. Castellari
as Benito Mussolini
Edmund Pegge
as Air Commodore Burne-Wilke
Leo Gordon
as General 'Train' Anderson
Elizabeth Hoffman
as Eleanor Roosevelt
Michael McGuire
as Fred Fearing
Ferdy Mayne
as Ludwig Rosenthal
Sky du Mont
as Count Galeazzo Ciano
Judith Atwell
as Sally Forrest
James Ray
as Chargé Reese Claremont
Stelio Candelli
as Scarfaced Gestapo Agent
Karl-Otto Alberty
as White-haired Gestapo Agent