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Film title: The Wretched
Language: English
Plot: Buried beneath 150 years of deception, a heart of darkness still beats. It waits for the next listener to its tale. When seven agronomy students arrive on an abandoned farm to conduct soil research, they rouse a curse long-forgotten. The truth filters into their subconscious as the students unravel secrets long-buried and left for dead. As the curse calls louder and louder, they must unlock the puzzle or fall victim to the wretched souls damned by the land's false history.

The Wretched Series
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The Wretched Cast & Crew

Lara Adkins
as Emma Cartwright
Mark Booker
as Trent
Mike Delange
as Raliegh Cartwright
Matt Harwell
as Alex
Jessica Hotovy
as Shelly
Eliot Irvin
as Jack Cartwright
Wendy Iske
as Robin
Mel Recker
as Cheryl
Nick Sanchez
as Frank
Matt Tatroe
as Josh
Sarah Wald
as Ashley
William Wassem
as Prof. Foy