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Film title: The Yellow Cake
Language: Arabic
Plot: After the fall of the soviet Union and its shattering to states, emerged on the economic and political scene mafias that were trading by whatever is prevented by high prices, so whenever you owned money you can get anything even if this thing is an atomic bomb. Al-Qaeda organization wanted from these mafias getting designing sketches to a project of making an atomic bomb but some of those mafias transferred the sketches to Saddam Hussein by an agent of KGB,a one known for his efforts in buying and selling whose name is Aliyev who is a Muslim from Kyrgyzstan and was respecting Saddam Hussein so much.

The Yellow Cake Series
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The Yellow Cake Cast & Crew

Jamal Amin
as Aliyev
Sandra Alnaimi
as Natasha
Mustafa Alsudani
as Lieutenant
Kae Bahar
as Faroughi
Wisam Nabeel
as General