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Film title: The Zoo Gang
Language: English
Plot: Homeless kids need a place to stay, so they rent the club "The Zoo" out, from Old Leather Face. Later, a new gang attempts to take away their home. A fight ensues with thumbtacks and staplers as the weap

The Zoo Gang Series
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The Zoo Gang Cast & Crew

Eric Gurry
as Danny
Tiffany Helm
as Kate Haskell
Jason Gedrick
as Hardin
Marc Price
as Val
Gina Battist
as Bobbi
Robert Jayne
as Ricky Haskell
Ben Vereen
as The Winch
Jackie Earle Haley
as Little Joe
Ramon Bieri
as Pa Donnely
Darwyn Swalve
as Goose
Glen Mauro
as Twin #1
Gary Mauro
as Twin #2
Ty Hardin
as Dean Haskell
Tiny Wells
as Hank