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Film title: Theatre and Me's the Bully
Language: English
Plot: There is an "illness", that affects millions and millions each and every day, BULLYING! Jane, a once loving and caring teenager, world is turned upside down. She had it all, friends, popularity and a loving family. But, when her father loses his job and blames it on his family, he becomes abusive, and Jane's world takes a drastic turn for the worst. She turns into what she believes is her way out and her source for release, and little Emily might be the release that she needs. But, is the end game worth it...

Theatre and Me's the Bully Series
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Theatre and Me's the Bully Cast & Crew

Gabrielle Barnes
as Student In Lunch Line Jasmine
Selena Marie Bianchi
as Lou-Anne Moon
Kirstyn Blum
as Face
Keleigh Brockman
as Gabby Smith
Julia Campbell
as Keeta Taylor
Angela Carolfi
as Sue Smityh
Joan Chak
as Ms. Johns
Kafela Craft
as Maria Cortez
Dominique Danielle
as Aisha Taylor
Kent James Darden
as James Moon
K. Andrew Deffley
as Tom Smith
Kamryn DiBlasio
as Narrator
Jillian Emily
as Jane Tayler