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Film title: There Goes My Baby
Language: English
Plot: In the summer of 1965, strict high-school Westwood's senior class in its privileged white suburb of L.A. graduates. Their relief to get out of the oppressive model of 'good American' behavior none actually adopted is soon spoiled. Surfer boy George Jr. 'Stick' is enlisting as volunteer for Vietnam, which is portrayed as a 'police action', panics on his last evening. Academic weakling Pirate, who intended to dodge a draft as drifter, suddenly faces the pregnancy of his lifelong true love Sunny. A spoiled 'princess' (also narrator) bitches because her parents want her to attend UCLA, not 'revolutionary' Berkeley. Calvin, the only black mate, lives in the poor quarter Watts, where the majority of his race plunders and attacks everyone, including class poet Michael Finnegan, whose family treated Calvin as an adopted son. Finnegan decides to symbolically deal with the hated school principal's patriotic pride, the Soldier statue...

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There Goes My Baby Cast & Crew

Dermot Mulroney
as Pirate
Rick Schroder
as Stick
Kelli Williams
as Sunshine
Noah Wyle
as Finnegan
Jill Schoelen
as Babette
Kristin Minter
as Tracy
Lucy Deakins
as Mary Beth
Kenneth Ransom
as Calvin
Paul Gleason
as Mr. Burton
Frederick Coffin
as Mr. Maran
Humble Harve Miller
as The Beard
Shon Greenblatt
as Morrisey