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Film title: They Come at Night
Language: English
Plot: In 1986 LA, an illegal immigrant (Elpidia Carrillo) suffers from past tortures in her native El Salvador. Her husband had been killed and her two children taken from her. She was an educated teacher with a philosophy degree, but now is forced to take only the most menial tasks and lives in a roach-infested dwelling. This fragile woman is turned over to a case worker (Barbara Williams), who is recently divorced and is struggling as a single mother to her young son. These two very different women make contact and the therapist decides to help the Latin American find her children. Inquiries leads to the children being in Mexico and with a high enough fee, they can be smuggled into the U

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They Come at Night Cast & Crew

Elpidia Carrillo
as Maria Velasquez
Barbara Williams
as Dr. Sarah Schaeffer
Trever O'Brien
as Matt Schaeffer
Sabrina Wiener
as Graciela
Romeo Fabian
as Pablito
Jesus Nebot
as Pedro
Dale Raoul
as Red Cross Worker
Diego Wallraff
as Antonio
Tony Perez
as Dr. Cordoba
Sandy Martin
as Hazel
Alejandra Cruz
as Andrea
Susan Segal
as School Nurse
Alina Cenal
as Waitress
Juan A. Riojas
as Prison Guard