Thomas Edward Seymour Biography

Birthday: 1977-01-20
Place of Birth: New Britain, Connecticut, USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Thomas Edward Seymour was born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1977 and finished his first feature length film (Thrill Kill Jack) at the age of twenty. Two years later Thomas graduated from Northwestern Connecticut College in 1998. At the age of twenty three he finished his second feature length film, (Everything Moves Alone). This won the Thomas "Auteur of the Year" at the Bare Bones Film festival in Oklahoma in 2002 along with several other nominations and screenings including the California Indy fest, New York International. The film was a critical hit among the independent press but mixed reviews came from the mainstream (One New York Times review was particularly brutal). They received a four star review from Film Threat magazine on-line. Phil Hall (The writer of the review) arranged for the trio to have a theatrical run of their film in New York City that year. From the New York Post to TV guide, the film managed to gain worldwide press. After two years of preproduction (one year was solely dedicated to building the giant wishing well that would be the center piece of the film) Thomas emerged ready to try again. In 2005 The Land of College Prophets (Hale Manor Productions third feature) premiered in New York City and set the underground film festival world on fire with 8 wins, (B-movie Awards New York, Bare Bones International, New Haven Underground, EOFF TV) Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Actor (Thomas) and so on. It is now a critically acclaimed, Best Selling film with York Entertainment. Seymour has finished his fourth feature London Betty, featuring Daniel Von Bargen and Broadway actress Nicole Lewis. To date Thomas has 14 awards for his filmmaking and is featuring in at least three books about Underground Films (Encyclopedia of Underground Movies, Independent Film Distribution, and the History of Independent films) He is also a pioneer in the field of Internet videos. As a Director for Black20 he has made some of the most popular content of the web including 300 PG version(Cake Town), Battle of the Batmans, Tetris the movie, Quantum of Bonds and Spiderman 3 with product Placement.Thomas has also made a splash with his role as Marv in A New Wave starring John Krasinski and Lacey Chabert and also the role of Phil in Being Michael Madsen.

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Thomas Edward Seymour Thomas Edward Seymour Thomas Edward Seymour Thomas Edward Seymour Thomas Edward Seymour Thomas Edward Seymour


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Everything Moves Alone Anderson 2001 Drama, Comedy, Mystery
The Land of College Prophets Tommy 2005 Action, Fantasy, Horror
Broken Copy Center Clerk 2005 Comedy
A New Wave Marv 2007 Action, Crime
London Betty Billy 2009 Comedy
Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast Tom 2012 Horror
Monster Kill Tom 2017 Horror