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Film title: Three Bad Men
Language: English
Plot: Bank robbers and best friends Frame, Luther, and Matt forego safe haven in Colorado to save a women from Dutch Henry and his gang. Meanwhile a possie is formed to track them down and return all the money they stole from a small towns bank. Frame Johnsons choice between money and morality may get him and his best friends killed.

Three Bad Men  Series
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Three Bad Men Cast & Crew

Mike Moroff
as Dutch Henry
Chris Gann
as Frame Johnson
George Kennedy
as Ed Fiske
Peter Brown
as Tom Noland
John Dixon
as Luther McKinney
Don Mack
as Art
David Orton
as Young Deputy
June Wilkinson
as Billie
Megan McNally
as Olivia Noland
Jerry Banks
as Brady Bell
Tim Cable
as Mat Cole
Ben Drury
as Bank Teller
Jon K. Farless
as Colonel
Troy Hardin
as Sam Black
Craig Kolkebeck
as Ben Tobias