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Film title: Three Days in September
Language: Macedonian, Albanian
Plot: Three Days in September is a psychological thriller that deals with the implications of domestic and sexual violence. Jana and Marika meet on a train and quickly become friends. They go to the countryside, a remote mountain area that holds a lot of secrets about Jana's past. The time moves slowly and anxiously, and the doubts as to their true intentions grow stronger. One by one, the secrets unravel. Marika is a murderer on the run, while Jana is on a mission to exact revenge. There is no way out, except helping each another to get what they really want.

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Three Days in September Cast & Crew

Salaetin Bilal
as The Grocer
Milica Stojanova
as Aunt Anka
Irena Ristic
as Jana
Aleksandar Mikic
as The Inspector
Adem Karaga
as Genz
Mentor Zymberaj
as Lawyer
Kiril Korunovski
as Drunkard
Blerim Qeriqi
as Driver