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Film title: Three Days to a Kill
Language: English
Plot: At a Chicago-area naval base, an ambassador is kidnapped. Later, a Navy officer calls his friend Cal for help. A Colombian drug lord is holding the ambassador, and the officer wants Cal to rescue the man. Cal convinces the officer to get a pardon for imprisoned explosives expert Rick, and together Cal and Rick form an uneasy partnership. They travel to meet Yolanda, a stripper who supposedly knows the location of this drug lord, named Perez (who looks like a creation out of Madame Tussaud's). Our threesome then sets about to rescue the ambassador. Cal, Rick, and Yolanda meet resistance at every turn; apparently Perez's men have the drop on them. After multiple shootouts, Cal convinces Yolanda to use her son as a pawn to draw Perez away from his home, and then all hell breaks loos

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Three Days to a Kill Cast & Crew

Bo Svenson
as Rick
Henry Silva
as Perez
Van Johnson
as Comm. Howard
Chuck Connors
as Capt. Damian Wright
Kim Dakour
as Yolanda
Tom Joyner
as Slick
Karol Brown
as Ambassador Barnes
Jason Myrick
as Eric
Opal Bush
as Alice
Kellie Rochelle
as Godzilla
Sheila Sant'anna
as Hooker #1
Daniela Maderas
as Hooker #2