Watch Three on a Match Online

Watch Three on a Match Online
Film title: Three on a Match
Rotten Tomatoes: 72%
Language: English
Plot: Lesbian couple Beth and Claire (Janet Lark and Erica Shaffer) have been together for a year, and it's high time (at least in Beth's mind, if not in Claire's) that they have a baby. After ruling out adoption or artificial insemination, Beth starts methodically seeking out a proper man to be the father. Enter David, who seems to fit the bill to a T; trouble is, he immediately falls in love with … Claire. Fred Alan Robbins's directorial debut.

Three on a Match Cast & Crew

Virginia Davis
as Mary Keaton as a child
Joan Blondell
as Mary Keaton - aka Mary Bernard
Anne Shirley
as Vivian Revere as a Child
Ann Dvorak
as Vivian Revere Kirkwood
Betty Carse
as Ruth Wescott as a child
Bette Davis
as Ruth Wescott