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Film title: Thunderbolt
Language: Cantonese, English, Japanese
Plot: Jackie plays Foh, an expert mechanic who has returned from Japan after a master course at Mitsubishi Motors. He runs a small business in Hong Kong along with his father and two sisters. In his spare time, he also helps the police out by checking cars that have been illegally upgraded. One night, psychotic street racing driver Warner Krugerman, aka Cougar, speeds past Foh and the cops. Foh gets into a car and stops Cougar heroically. Cougar lands in jail, but breaks out eventually. He gets revenge on Foh by trashing his business and kidnapping his sisters. The only way Foh can get his sisters back is by racing cougar in Japan. He now must retrain himself in race car driving so he can be at his best to race Coug

Thunderbolt  Series
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Thunderbolt Cast & Crew

Jackie Chan
as Chan Foh To
Michael Wong
as Steve Cannon
Thorsten Nickel
as Warner 'Cougar' Kaugman
Yuen Chor
as Uncle Tung / Foh's father
Oi-Yan Wu
as Dai Mui
Chung-Han Man
as Sai Mui / May
Ken Lo
as Kong
Marie Eguro
as Miss Kenya
Kam-Cheong Yung
as Cheong, mechanic