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Birthday: 1946-04-08
Place of Birth: Coronado, California USA
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Wiki Biography: Tim Thomerson rates highly as one of the best, most prolific, versatile and dependable character actors to ever grace both the big and small screens alike with pleasing regularity since the mid 70s. Although often cast as laconic rough 'n' tumble macho guys, Thomerson has proved on many occasions that he can essay comic roles and more substantial dramatic parts with equal skill and conviction. He was born on April 8th, 1946 in Coronado, California and was raised in Hawaii and San Diego. He did a stint in the National Guard prior to getting a job as a prop man and set builder at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Character actor Anthony Zerbe advised Thomerson to get lessons from legendary acting teacher Stella Adler in New York; and he duly studied with Adler for four years. He began his show business career as a stand-up comedian; he performed at the clubs The Bitter End, Bud Friedman's Improvisation and Catch A Rising Star in New York and at the Comedy Store and the Improv in Los Angeles. He eventually even had a guest spot on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. His film debut was with a funny small role in the hilarious "Car Wash." He achieved his greatest enduring cult popularity with his delightfully deadpan portrayal of rugged police detective Jack Deth in the terrific "Trancers" and its strictly so-so sequels. Other memorable parts include eccentric police detective Jerry Moriarty in the fine "Fade to Black," weary factory worker Ray in "Take This Job and Shove It," a highway patrolman in Clint Eastwood's poignant and underrated "Honkytonk Man," burnt-out Vietnam vet helicopter pilot Charts in the exciting "Uncommon Valor," grimy mercenary Rhodes in the cheesy "Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn," the crazed John Reynolds in "Volunteers," demented cult leader Lester in "Cherry 2000," the tough-as-nails the Sarge in the enjoyably quirky "Zone Troopers;" lovely and touching as the gentle Loy in the outstanding "Near Dark," diminutive, but fearless alien lawman Brick Bardo in the funky "Dollman," and a scruffy motorcyclist in Terry Gilliam's unjustly maligned "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Tim has appeared in a large number of films for low-budget independent director Albert Pyon and acted alongside real-life best buddy Brion James in numerous pictures (the two first met while both serving in the National Guard Reserves). On television Thomerson played the half-man, half-woman Gene-Jean on the uproarious, but sadly short-lived sci-fi parody program "Quark." Thomerson also had recurring roles on the TV shows "Sirens" and "Land's End" and has made guest appearances on countless TV shows.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
All That Glitters Sonny Packer 1977 - 1977
Quark Gene / ... 1978 - 1978
The Associates (1979) Johnny Danko 1979 - 1980
Bare Essence 1982 Drama
Land's End Dave 'Thunder' Thornton / ... 1995 Action
Air America 1998 - 1999 Action
Christmas Do-Over 2006 Comedy
Abandoned Cooper 2012 - 2019
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Trancers II Jack Deth 0000
Which Way Is Up? 1977
Remember My Name 1978
Fade to Black 1980 Comedy, Horror, Thriller
St Helens 1981
Take This Job and Shove It 1981 Comedy
Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again Dr. Knute Lanyon 1982
Honkytonk Man 1982 Fantasy, 0, 0
Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 1983 Adventure, Sci Fi, Action
Uncommon Valor Charts 1983 Action, Drama, Thriller
Rhinestone 1984 Comedy, Music
Trancers Trooper Jack Deth 1985 Action, Sci Fi
Volunteers John Reynolds 1985 Comedy
Iron Eagle 1986 Game Show, Romance
Zone Troopers The Sarge 1986
Near Dark Loy Colton 1987 Drama, Horror, Thriller
The Incredible Hulk Returns 1988 0
A Tiger's Tale Lonny 1988 Comedy, Drama
The Wrong Guys Tim Thomerson 1988 Comedy
Who's Harry Crumb? Vince Barnes 1989 0, Comedy
Air America 1990 0, 0
Vietnam, Texas Max Heron 1991 Action, Crime, Drama
Nemesis Farnsworth 1992
Die Watching Detective Lewis 1993 Thriller
Stringer Jack Mitchett 1993 Thriller
The Harvest 1993 Crime, Thriller
Natural Causes The Westerner 1994 Action, Drama, Thriller
Fleshtone Buddy Fields 1994 Thriller
Hong Kong 97 Jack McGraw 1994 Action, Drama, Thriller
Spitfire Rex Beechum 1995 Action, Adventure
Dominion Fitz 1995 Adventure, Drama
Heatseeker Oldest Elder 1995 Action, Drama
Blast Police Commissioner 1997 Action
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 Adventure, Drama
Last Chance Sam 1999 Drama
Malevolence Mr. Williams 1999 Drama
The Crimson Code 1999
Crossfire Crane 1999 Action, Adventure, Drama
Dirt Merchant Jack 1999 Comedy
Submerged Owen Cantrell 2000 Action
Devil's Prey Sheriff 2001 Reality Tv
They Crawl Exterminator 2001 Horror, Thriller
Ocean Park Mike 2002 Thriller
Gangland Dr. Adams 2002 Action
Shoot or Be Shot Uncle Bill 2002 Comedy
Unseen Evil Ranger Chuck MacNeil 2002 Horror
Air Marshal Sen. Chambers 2003 Action
To Kill a Mockumentary 2006
Sasquatch Mountain 2006 Reality Tv
Bottoms Up 2006 Comedy
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Arnie Swift 2006 Horror
Forget About It 2006 Comedy, Drama
Blue Lake Massacre Marshall Lex 2007 Horror
A.I. Assault 2007 Action, Sci Fi
Live Evil 2008
Dual Deston, Jared 2009 Drama
21 and a Wake-Up Sgt. Mike Pulakis 2009 Drama
Season of Darkness Detective Kesler 2012 Horror
Pulse Pounders Jack Deth 2012 Fantasy, Horror
MoniKa Thomas 2012 Action, Thriller