Watch Time Runner Online

Watch Time Runner Online
Film title: Time Runner
Language: English
Plot: Finding itself invaded by a superior alien force in the year 2022, humanity's last hope lies with fighter pilot Michael Raynor who is hurled through a time warp back to the year 1992. Relentlessly hounded by a ruthless agent belonging to a super-secret government organization, Raynor learns he can affect the future and, with the help of scientist Karen McDonald, attempts to alert authorities to the upcoming alien threa

Time Runner Cast & Crew

Mark Hamill
as Michael Raynor
Rae Dawn Chong
as Karen Donaldson
Brion James
as Neila
Mark Baur
as Freeman
Gordon Tipple
as Arnie
John Maclaren
as Carl Withers
John Thomas
as Simms
Barry W. Levy
as Bryant
Allan Forget
as Murphy
Charlie Fleming
as Clive Dawson
Suzy Joachim
as Dorothy Raynor
Clif Kosterman
as Lawson
Dale Moore
as Agent #1
Gerald Paetz
as Agent #2
Wilf Wilson
as Agent #3