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Film title: Todo me pasa a mí
Language: Spanish
Plot: Longtime friends Angel and Edu share a flat. Angel is a pretty boy, but a very straight arrow sort of young man. He's planning his upcoming wedding. As the wedding date approaches, Edu - a punk rocker and jealous friend, tries to stop the ceremony in several ways; apparently unwilling to lose his long time flat mate. Meanwhile, in the flat downstairs, the young lesbian couple, Txell and Aina are in the midst of a crisis. They share the apartment with Elena, a talky, unbearable hetero who irritates everyone. Elena is looking for love and is attracted by the mystic Oscar, recently returned from India, and who'll become Edu's room mate after Angel's departure. However, Oscar does not correspond Elena's feelings and advances. Oscar is actually interested in Aina. Will Aina fall to Oscar's charms and leave Txell? Is Edu jealous and opposed to Angel's wedding just out of platonic friendship?

Todo me pasa a mí  Series
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Todo me pasa a mí Cast & Crew

Mariano Mariano
as Camarero
Ariadna Planas
as Enfermera 1
Montserrat Romero
as Enfermera 2
Susana García Díez
as Enfermera 3
Marc Garcia Coté
as Hermano Aina
Xavier Bassiana
as Frutero
Frine Velilla
as Policía 1