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Film title: Tollbooth
Language: English
Plot: A tollbooth attendant's fascination with a young woman who works at a gas station leads him into a love triangle and murder.

Tollbooth Series
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Tollbooth Cast & Crew

Fairuza Balk
as Doris
Will Patton
as Dash Pepper
Seymour Cassel
as Larry / Leon
Louise Fletcher
as Lillian
William Katt
as Waggy
Kathryn Klvana
as Young Lillian
Roberta Hanley
as Twyla
Ed Amatrudo
as Cop #1
Robert Deacon
as Vice Cop Jim
Marc Macaulay
as Cop #2
Dan Fitzgerald
as Head Cop
Violet Carpenter
as Mrs. Drake
René Lavan
as Julio