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Film title: Tom & Thomas
Language: English
Plot: Living in different environments and without actually knowing each other, the nine-year-old boys Tom and Thomas have always been aware of the other's existence. At the time they finally meet Tom is on the run from some child smugglers who operate their business from his boy's home. The smugglers mistake Thomas for Tom and attempt to get him out of the country on a plane. Tom, who has no intention of losing his brother, finds himself in the middle of a smuggling operation and it takes all his efforts to reunite with his brother and bring the family together.

Tom & Thomas  Series
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Tom & Thomas Cast & Crew

Aaron Johnson
as Tom / Thomas
Sean Bean
as Paul Sheppard
Inday Ba
as Celia Scofield
Bill Stewart
as Finch
Sean Harris
as Kevin
Derek de Lint
as Mr. Bancroft
Geraldine James
as Miss Tromp
Jonathan Schwerzmann
as Older Boy
Romaine Fagin
as Funny Boy
Victoria Hasted
as Miss Hogan
Ravin J. Ganatra
as Mr. Bahiti
Anil Douglas
as Bruce
Leagh Conwell
as Harold
Doortje Peters
as Debby
Mike Dowling
as Police Officer 1