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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Sterling Chase 0000
Whatever It Takes Eren's love Interest 1986
Change George Hill 1994 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Telling Lies in America 1997 Drama, Music
Jungle Jake Roselli 1999 Action
Mafioso: The Father, the Son Louie Eggs 2000 Crime, Drama
Just for the Time Being Balloon Man 2000 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Beavergate TV Anchorman 2001 Comedy
The Demo Crew Sarge 2001 Action, Drama, Sport
25th Hour 2002 Comedy
The Business of Strangers 2002 Drama, Thriller
The 25th Hour 2003 Crime, Drama
La mano negra Franco "Mad Dog" Portelli 2004 Comedy, Drama, Crime
Murder Below the Line Mr. Porter 2004 Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Bocce Balls Andy Balsalo 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Wait a Minute Pretty Magano 2005 Comedy, Thriller
Mort Dr. Rob 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Ashling's Fury Father Bello 2007 Thriller
Placebo Austin 2008 Comedy, Drama
Leaf David Dunn 2008 Sport
Dreams of Gold Dr. Burster 2008 Drama, Mystery
Hold-Up Det. Lou Stockhouse 2008 Action, Crime
Shadow of a Candle Michael 2008 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Sleeping with the Fishes Armand Alfonso 2008 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Mortal Sin Billy Rosario 2009 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Moonlight Blade Martin Sellotto 2009 Mystery, Thriller
Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe Dick Wrangler 2009 Comedy, Drama
Ironmen Oliver 2010 Biography, Drama
Small Town Hero Richard Ferris 2010 Drama, Sport
Sensual Jack Caine 2010 Drama
A Woman Is a Woman Nick Chapman 2010 Comedy, Drama
Everything Nice Sam 2010 Comedy, Drama
Rising Star Jimmy Randall 2010 Drama
Eager to Die Vince Zien 2010 Drama, Thriller
A Goldfish of the Flame Stonewall 2010 Action, Drama
The Jersey Devil Coach Paul Proctor 2011 Horror, Sport, Thriller
Two Knives Nicky G 2011 Action
Night in Bombay Will Quinn 2011 Drama, Romance, Thriller
Sunburnt Angels Joey Salvo 2011 Comedy, Crime
Goombah Paulie Panzini 2011 Comedy
The Other End George Burke 2011 Drama
The Unforgiven Steven Somers 2011 Drama
The Woods Andrew Cash 2012 Drama, Thriller
Three Night Stand Jansen 2013 0, 0
Swim Ronald 2013 Drama, Romance
Pizza with Bullets Gino Falcone 2014 Comedy
Creed Boxing Commisioner 2015 Drama, Sport
The Lost Girl Sam Jones 2016 Drama
Gold 57 Danny Brigatonni 2016 Drama
It's a Dirty Game Anthony Rossi 2016 Drama
Junction Murders Sal Bernando 2016 Drama, Thriller