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Film title: Totally Blonde
Language: English
Plot: Meg Peters just can't seem to find Mr. Right, she bleaches her hair blonde and we answer the age old question "Do blondes really have more fun?"

Totally Blonde Series
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Totally Blonde Cast & Crew

Krista Allen
as Meg Peters
Maeve Quinlan
as Liv Watson
Michael Bublé
as Van Martin
Mindy Sterling
as Ramona
Colin Mochrie
as Vulcan / Agent / Comic / Drunk
Charlene Tilton
as Blonde Scool Director
Michael Kagan
as Alfred / Mountie / Minister
D.C. Douglas
as French Waiter / Douglas The Hotel Clerk
Tanya Garrett
as Martinette
Erin Carufel
as Martinette
Nicole Stevens II
as Martinette
Vikki Gurdas
as Brunette #1
Corinne Marshall
as Brunette #2
Amanda Thomas
as Brunette #3