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Wiki Biography: Tracey Sheldon is an actress, writer, filmmaker, as well as a model. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Richard and Carole Sheldon. Her father, Richard owns his own company in the steel industry, her mother, Carole is a nurse, and her brother, Rich is a musician and actor living in Hollywood. They are a close-knit family raised with a lot of love and laughter. Tracey's parents encouraged her to go after her dreams supporting her fully on her path believing in her dream of being an actress. Raised in the small town, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, Tracey was fascinated with movies and movie stars from the time she was a little girl spending hours watching movies that inspired her and took her to another place. As a child, Tracey and her little brother, Rich would be dressed up constantly as different characters. She loved the great comedians: Abbot and Costello, Lucille Ball, Flip Wilson, and Jerry Lewis as well as Benny Hill and Carole Burnett. Tracey's earliest performance was in the first grade where she acted in "The Emperor's New Clothes". She went on to study tap, baton, gymnastics, and she was a majorette performing in parades all over southwestern Pennsylvania. She was also a cheerleader as well as performing in dance and chorus recitals. Tracey also excelled in writing winning the prestigious "Rotary Club Peace Essay Award" for her letter to the president on world peace. She graduated with a B.A. in Theatre and Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Upon teaching first grade and being in front of the classroom her desires surfaced of the stage and screen. Making the move to Florida, Tracey was chosen to be a contestant in "The Miss Florida Citrus Beauty Pageant". She acted in local theater productions as well as write, produce, and star in the sitcom, "L.A. take-out" along with her brother Rich acting as the sitcom's director. The sitcom aired on PBS television. Tracey and Rich next set their sights on California with drive and determination to change Hollywood. Upon moving to Hollywood, Tracey classically trained as an actress under the direction of Arthur Mendoza studying the Stella Adler Technique at "The Actor's Circle Theatre" through the guidance of the actor, Benico Deltorro. She also studied dance, voice, as well as improv. She has been compared to Goldie Hawn for her comedy skills and bubbly personality as well as Grace Kelley for her cool elegance, and Juliette Lewis for the edgy independent film characters she portrays with a touch of Mae West for her ability to write and produce her own projects. Tracey has recently created, wrote, and starred in a feature film entitled, "Changing Hollywood" along with her brother Rich composing the music for the film. She also was associate producer of "Out of the flying pan" where she was involved with casting, coordinating all aspects of the shoot, as well as assisting the director, Jack Kimball. While living in Los Angeles, Tracey has acted in film, television, music videos, as well as theater. Her most recent appearances include "Talk Soup" featured on "E" television, NBC's "To Tell the Truth", as well as Lee Madsen's film, "The Red Zone" produced by HIP FILMS starring Freddy Rodriquez of HBO's "Six Feet Under" to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. She has also been involved in promoting event productions in Hollywood along side the biggest event producer in Hollywood, MACAFRICA, promoting live celebrity performances of "Dennis Quaid and the Sharks" and "Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra". Other parties include: "The Elite Look of the Year Party", "Playmate of the month party, "The Los Angeles Exotic Erotic New Year's Eve Ball", and L.A. clubs such as The Lounge, Club A.D., and Barfly. Her most recent event, "The Shangri-L.A." promoted unity with the theme being "One Human Family" The event hosted six bands; a magician, henna tattoo artists, and a spiritual healer as well as a theme to come dressed in your favorite costume. Currently Tracey is bi-coastal between Florida and California, as she continues to act, create and produce films, write, sing, host parties and events, as well as model.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Andre: Heart of the Giant 2007 Drama, Sport
Idol of Evil Karen Kixley 2009 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Infected Call Girl 2013 Action, Horror
Self Storage Hot Chick 2013 Horror