Traffic Series
Genre: Crime
Premiere: 2000
Network: USA
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 3
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A modern day look at America's war on drugs told through four separate stories that are connected in one way or another. A conservative judge who's just been appointed as the US drug czar learns that his teenage honor student daughter is a drug addict. A beautiful trophy wife struggles to save her wealthy husband's drug business, while two DEA agents protect a witness with inside knowledge of the spouse's business. In Mexico, a slightly corrupt, yet dedicated cop struggles with his conscience when he learns that his new boss may not be the anti-drug official he made himself out to be.
Traffic S01E03
Last Episode, 28 January 2004: Season 1, Episode 3: Part Three
In the final part, Carole finds out Mike's fate awaiting him in Afghanistan while the DEA finds out more to the heroine supply. Adam figures out who is in charge with the smuggling.
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Date Aired Traffic Episodes
Season 1
26 January 2004 Season 1, Episode 1: Part One
27 January 2004 Season 1, Episode 2: Part Two
28 January 2004 Season 1, Episode 3: Part Three