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Film title: Trained to Kill
Language: English
Plot: Tom Drummond is a former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier who has to fight in order to save his family and help a friend bring the criminals to justice while evading the police. He was kicked out the Army as an example for killing a prisoner of war. Asked by his friend Davie Watson, who is the head of covert operations within the SAS to go under cover to help gain evidence against 3 top drug and arms suppliers. He refuses but reluctantly agrees as his family are targeted by gangsters. He enlists the help of his German GSG9 friend Karl Schieder, however things do not go to plan and they have to kill the first criminal and decide to kill the others as they would not have enough evidence to convict them and the courts would set them free to continue . One of the criminals is a former German Army Colonel named Colonel Buchholz who escapes and settles in India. Tom marries his girlfriend Ann and they go on honeymoon to India not knowing the Colonel has set up business there now. The ...

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Trained to Kill Cast & Crew

Heather Haddow
as Cathy Drummond
Gary Cross
as Inspector Black
Chris Capaldi
as Tom Drummond
Cameron Findlay
as Andy Davies
Andy Kowalczyk
as Major Ivanov
Anthony Quirke
as Ian Drummond
Rachel Leonard
as Ann Drummond
Stuart Murdoch
as Colonel O'Neil
Patrick O'Brien
as Davie Watson