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Film title: Trance
Language: English
Plot: As with Almereyda's previous films, this one deals with a gothic subject in a modern context. Lushly filmed it concerns an alcoholic womans return to her Irish roots, only to turn into a film about a woman whose soul is desired by a 1000 year old witch.

Trance  Series
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Trance Cast & Crew

Lois Smith
as Mrs. Ferriter
Alison Elliott
as Nora / Niamh
Sinead Dolan
as Nora's Mother
Raina Feig
as Young Nora
Jason Miller
as The Doctor
Paula Malcomson
as Bartender
Paul Ferriter
as Joe / Niamh's Iron Age Lover
Christopher Walken
as Uncle Bill Ferriter
Niamh Dolan
as Iron Age Niamh
David Geary
as Nora's Father
Karl Geary
as Sean
Mark Geary
as Anlo