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Film title: Travesti
Language: Russian
Plot: A young Russian actor refuses to work for a mean and powerful director, so he puts his signature on the contract with a small and poor company, but soon he realizes that the director of that poor company is just as mean as the first one. In a strike of luck, the actor is offered the leading role in the new movie. but he is trapped and restricted by the contract for three years. The only way out is to start an affair with the leading actress who is the toy of the mean director. But the affair turns into a serious lifetime crisis for all parties involved...

Travesti Series
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Travesti Cast & Crew

Ilya Noskov
as Sergei Petrovich Malanko
Anna Vartanyan
as Irina Sergeevna Barysheva
Sergey Barkovskiy
as Director Krotov
Irina Sotikova
as Raya Golubeva
Olga Volkova
as Assistant director
Sergey Migitsko
as Director Savsky
Andrey Urgant
as Director Rybakov
Anatoli Shvedersky
as Uncle Zhora