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Film title: Traxx
Language: English
Plot: Traxx has battled his way through El Salvador, the Middle East and Nicaragua, spitting lead with two-handed good grace. He decides to retire to a life of baking designer cookies. Running out of dough to buy more dough, he hires himself as a "Town Tamer" and begins cleaning up Hadleyville, Texas, telling the lowlife street scum, "You got three choices. Be good, be gone, or be dead." Like all bacteria, the scum are resistant: crime boss Aldo Palucci (Robert Davi) brings in the dreaded Guzik brothers to rid the town of the town tamer, setting the stage for a showdown in th

Traxx Series
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Traxx Cast & Crew

Shadoe Stevens
as Traxx
Priscilla Barnes
as Mayor Alexandria Cray
Willard E. Pugh
as Deeter
Robert Davi
as Aldo Palucci
John Hancock
as Chief Emmett Decker
Hugh Gillin
as Commissioner R.B. Davis
Michael Kirk
as Deputy Mayhew
Herschel Sparber
as Guzik #1
Jonathan Lutz
as Guzik #2
Lucius Houghton
as Guzik #3
Darrow Igus
as Wendell
Arlene Lorre
as Celeste
Wally Amos
as Famous Amos
Wallace Merck
as Jerome