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Film title: Trespasses
Language: English
Plot: A couple of drifters (Adam Roarke and Lou Diamond Phillips) molest Sharon (Mary Pillot). Franklin (Robert Kuhn) scares them away, but loses his son who is stabbed by one of the drifters. Franklin and Sharon commence a relationship to the chagrin of her husband (Van Brooks). Franklin's old friend August Klein (Ben Johnson) dies. What happens when murder and romance collide?

Trespasses Series
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Trespasses Cast & Crew

Robert Kuhn
as Franklin
Van Brooks
as Richard
Mary Pillot
as Sharon Rae
Adam Roarke
as The Drifters
Lou Diamond Phillips
as The Drifters
Ben Johnson
as August Klein
Thom Meyers
as Johnny
Marina Rice
as Johnny's girlfriend
Deborah Neumann
as Catherine
Eleese Lester
as Maudie
George Sledge
as Gibby
John Browning
as Herschel
Martin Smith
as Sheriff