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Film title: Trinity
Language: English
Plot: In a remote arctic research station, government agents Brach and Schiller discover the mysterious genetic scientist Dr. Clerval. A psychological chess game ensues. What links Schiller to Clerval's genetics program? What secrets does Brach harbour? And is Clerval really who he says he is?

Trinity  Series
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Trinity Cast & Crew

Tom McCamus
as Dr. Clerval
Lucy Akhurst
as Schiller
Stephen Moyer
as Brach
Marlene Dunn
as Mother
Chris Conil
as Father
Darren Cavanagh
as Militia
Glenn Walker
as Militia
Stephen O'Geady
as Militia
Erik Peterson
as Militia
Meg Meagher
as Orderly
Victoria Leper
as Orderly
Lizzi Wilson
as Orderly